I submitted a short story to the PARSEC 2011 Sci-Fi and Fantasy competition. I only saw the announcement on May 4th and the deadline was May 7th, so I was a bit rushed. The final product was called What Are the Odds? and it is just under 3,200 words.

Admittedly, my interpretation of the contest theme might have been a bit broad, but I still think that it was a good story. (My wife, Bethel, enjoyed it. That is usually a good sign.) I didn’t ask for a critique, but I think that it must not have clicked for the judges since I didn’t even make the first cut.

Anyway, rights to the story revert back to me and I think I might try to sell it to a periodical. I’m going to get it back out and see if I think I can tighten it up just a bit.